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    Intact meaning maintained

    Our free paraphrasing tool rewrites sentences using appropriate words so that the essence of the text remains intact and no meaning is lost in translation.


    Use of better synonyms

    Our tool is designed using advanced algorithms to suggest better synonyms for keywords in a portion of text and enhance its quality.


    100% plagiarism-free content

    Use our free paraphrasing tool to restructure content and give it a new avatar without altering the meaning to steer clear from plagiarising.

    How does our free paraphrasing tool work?

    Use our online paraphrasing tool in 3 easy steps


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    Upload the file or paste the content you want to paraphrase in the empty box of the online tool.


    Rewrite the content

    Click on "PARAPHRASE", and our AI-driven paraphrasing tool will restructure the text at a breakneck speed.


    Download the results

    Download the rehashed content in a format as per your convenience or copy the paraphrased content.

    Why do you need to use a paraphrasing tool?

    Paraphrasing is not as easy as it seems. You may end up altering the meaning of the text with a poor choice of words. Moreover, paraphrasing is a time-consuming process. With our AI-powered paraphrasing tool at your aid, the process becomes easier.

    Our tool uses machine learning to alter the wording without changing the meaning of sentences. You can use our tool to generate rehashed content in a matter of a few seconds.

    You can use our tool to generate rehashed content in a matter of a few seconds.

    Importance of Our Paraphrasing Tool

    Our paraphrasing tool has been designed using advanced machine learning algorithms that can transform academic content at the click of a button. Our tool also uses Natural Language Processing to become more efficient with every use. With every use, the tool picks up better words and restructuring essentials to rephrase content more accurately.

    And our paraphrasing tool isn’t just about spinning words and altering sentences. You can also use our free paraphrasing tool to enhance the quality of your writing with better sentence structure and more evocative synonyms. You get to do all this and more for unlimited times, that too for FREE.

    The Best Paraphrasing Tool with Fantastic 4 Features


    Fresh and enhanced content

    Our free paraphrasing tool offers accuracy in the best possible way. It can deliver a rehashed version of your text with suitable words and phrases, enhancing your content's overall diction and delivery.


    Generates results in seconds

    Our paraphrasing tool rewrites content within a matter of seconds while keeping the meaning and soul of the content intact. Use our tool when you are running out of time for super-fast results.


    On-the-go access

    You can use our free paraphrasing tool on the go on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop without signing in or downloading any applications. Just visit the website and use the tool whenever you need it.


    Free and unlimited use

    You can use our paraphrasing tool for the umpteenth number of times without spending a penny. All you need is a stable internet connection to restructure content of any length and for as many times as you want.

    Our Free Paraphrasing Tool is an Ever-Evolving One

    The best thing about our paraphrasing tool is that it is developed and updated regularly to churn perfect results. Our team of web developers and programmers perform routine maintenance to ensure that the online paraphrasing tool operates smoothly without any glitches.

    The high-functioning algorithms that the tool is designed on are also brushed up time and again to deliver results with accurate meaning, smooth content flow, and appropriate word substitution

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    Avoid common mistakes with our tool

    Most paraphrasing tools tend to spin content without ensuring that the restructured sentences add up to mean the same as the original content. Moreover, the synonyms often do not add up to the text's flow. With our AI-powered tool, you get to avoid such blunders and rehash content keeping the essence intact.

    Rewrite content from diverse content

    Our tool can paraphrase text taken from any kind of source and in any format. Be it online journals or eBooks or offline magazines; all you have to do is feed in the text. Our free paraphrasing tool will restructure the content in any format you like.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the features of our online paraphrasing tool:

    • The tool restructures sentences in such a way that the meaning remains the same.
    • The tool offers better alternatives for phrases and words with explanations.
    • The tool ensures that the flow, diction and delivery of the content stay intact.

    Paraphrasing becomes essential when you have to use a chunk of data in your content and want to avoid plagiarism. This is where our tool comes in. Here are some of the benefits of using our free paraphrasing tool.

    • Our tool enhances the overall quality of your paper.
    • The tool can be used on the go without additional downloads and sign-up.
    • The tool delivers rewritten content instantly with just a click of a button.

    Paraphrasing involves rewriting text using better words and changing the structure of content to add more clarity to the meaning it wants to convey. Paraphrasing is the best option to avoid plagiarism. The factors you need to keep in mind when paraphrasing are:

    • The right choice of words
    • Keeping the meaning intact
    • Zero plagiarism percentage

    Here are the factors that you must look into when choosing a paraphrasing tool:

    • Make sure the restructured content is grammatically correct
    • Check the flow and delivery of the content rewritten by the tool
    • Go for a free tool to rephrase text for your content

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