Frequently Asked Questions

You can use our paraphrasing tool free of charge, as many times you want. You will not be asked to pay any subscription fee, nor will you barred from using it more than once on a particular day. If you get a plagiarism red flag in your assignment, you just copy-paste the text in the tool, and you will get 100% original material.

The interface of the paraphrasing tool is extremely straightforward. You can upload or copy-paste your content in the tool. Once you have done that, click on the 'Paraphrase' button. The word changer algorithm reshuffles the words or modifies the sentence, keeping the meaning intact. Thus, you get a unique write-up, that too, in a matter of seconds. Then, you download or paste the content into your original assignment.

Our paraphrasing tool is very powerful, and it is backed by a Deep Learning algorithm. It takes advantage of heuristic learning, which means the more you use it, the more it learns. Moreover, it has a vast database, based on which it provides the results. The tool helps you get past the plagiarism issues, saves your time and from the accusation of academic dishonesty.

Our paraphrasing tool consists of a huge database of results and is based on a Deep Learning algorithm. Thus, you get authentic results. Moreover, when you click on the 'Paraphrase' button, you will be shown different options, from which you select the one you think best fits the context. Interestingly, the paraphrased sentences contain better diction and have improved sentence construction.

You can use our paraphrasing tool any time you want and from any place. There are no login protocols. Furthermore, the tool can be accessed from various devices such as laptops, smartphones, desktops, iPad, etc. And the tool is supported on Windows, and iOS. So, even if you are out of station, you can use the tool to resolve the plagiarism problems.