Privacy Policy

The privacy guidelines of are presented to protect the privacy of your personal details as it’s inherently crucial. We have adopted stringent measures to save those details as you share them on our platform. We strongly believe it’s our moral responsibility to inform you about our privacy policy. Please read through the following guidelines to be aware of how we utilise your personal details.

Utilisation of the details shared with us

The use of personal details that you share with is always under your control and supervision. We always make sure you’re informed whenever we make modifications to our policies. Also, you can tweak the privacy settings from your account on our website at any point. You’ll be able to sign in to our portal and remove or change any detail that you’ve shared at any time.

Monitoring the URLs of the website

The website may comprise links or URLs that redirect to other websites or third-party portals. These third-party sites possibly have different privacy guidelines and terms associated with the details you share. In such cases, we shall not be held accountable for the privacy policies of these third-party websites. Thus, we encourage you to be familiar with the same before sharing any of your private details with them.

Details sharing with third parties

We never divulge your details to the third-party vendors without asking for prior consent from you. We'll not share any personal information with the third-parties involved unless it's deemed necessary by the law and administration.

Complete protection of information

We extend sufficient measures to protect all the significant details you share. Any kind of detail you share with us is safe from the various cyber-threats as we have adopted secure firewalls. For the sake of privacy, you’re requested not to send private details through instant messaging or email platforms as they may be operated by third-party vendors and may not be protected by firewalls.